Week 2 The spark that really got me going . . .

Last week was our first blog post and an up close and personal look into KM’s upbringing. We learned that KM was actually born in Germany and raised by parents who were both in the military. KM is the youngest of 5 and started rapping after a few college freestyles got a good response. Initially he was hesitant to pursue his passion but then he realized he had a message to deliver and he has been grinding ever since.

                  This week we take a look at previous projects KM has put out, any obstacles he has faced thus far and also see what he has in the pipeline for the upcoming weeks. KM hasn’t always been a solo artist. In last week’s blog I discussed how I met KM and also the first time I ever heard him rap. What I did not mention was that after I heard a few of his infamous “kitchen freestyles” I asked if he had ever put out any recorded music. Linking up with one of his younger roommates who I played pick-up basketball with almost every day I learned that KM was actually in a rap group. The group, GBS (Gym Ball S*x circa 09’) was appropriately titled as that was the routine for most college kids who never had total freedomand had the college party scene popping. Unfortunately like most college rap groups’ this was a short lived fame that could’ve been bigger than life. One big factor I realize now is that social media was a resource but it wasn’t prevalent as it is today. Outside of Facebook and Myspace there was no real way for GBS to market and find new fans. I can only imagine if Instagram, Periscope, SnapChat, Twitter and Vine were around what kind of damage GBS would have done. Ironically the group disbanded but remained VERY close, 2/3 of the group (KM included ) still pursue their rap dreams to this day. GBS is now just a fond memory but this was a spark early on in KM rap career….

What are some previous projects you have put out?

GBS was more a group of friends than serious group. We drank together, hooped together, and partied with the same chicks. It was a hazy time in my life but we had some good raw music. We never officially released a project, but just know if we did it would’ve shocked the world haha It may come one day, I mean after Dr. Dre Detox of course haha .The first mixtape I dropped was Overdue. Working on that mixtape was probably the worst thing ever. People kept backing out of collaborations. I was using a studio that was not helping to me to become a better artist. It was more like working with a yes man. It almost made me want to quit doing music. A took a break for a few months after that. One day I just started writing again and decided to give it another try. My Improvements was made from that bad experience and the reviews I received from friends. Instead of trying to work with a bunch of artist I just focused on the quality and put out a 3 -5 songs w/ collaborations so the rest would be all me.

What kind of response did you get initially when you told people you wanted to rap?

I never told people I wanted to rap, I just started and when people asked I said I did music. When you say rap most people get a negative image in their mind. All rappers aren’t illiterate, tatted up and dead beat Dads who make it rain at strip clubs- for that reason KM doesn’t instantly tell people hey “I’m a rapper”. Instead he releases the music and if people ask what type it is he then tells them he’s into hip hop.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your journey thus far?

The biggest obstacle is marketing my music.  There are hella rappers out there. And all these rappers are trying to make it, but in order to make it you have to be discovered. With the eruption of social media unfortunately there isn’t a handbook on how to properly market rap projects. There are no rules or correct paths; it’s all trial and error.

Who would be your celebrity crush and why ?

KM is more than rap; this blog is here to get the reader to know him as a person too. What makes him tick, and also aspects of his life outside the studio. KM said he has always had a thing for Alessandra Ambrosia & Marisa Miller. I can only guess that his spring 2015 song “Hey Pretty Lady” was partly inspired by this brunette bombshell. And as for Marisa, it must be the last name that draws him to this beauty.

What’s next?

 I always try to write a few songs per week. I just dropped a new track, available on Souncloud called Ace Ventura. The track features one of KM’s friend WyFi, it is an ode to the cult classic film starring Jim Carrey and relays the message that you can do what you want to do how you want to do it. Break the mold, since the season has changed KM has called this his #FallFlow. In the week’s he is focusing on working with new producers and reaching out to new fans and performing at new venues in North Carolina, The #SteadyWork continues . . .