Week 9- I have thought about quitting rap several times

To date we have used this weekly blog to track an aspiring music journey thus far. We have discussed everything from the upbringing of KM to his musical aspirations to even his celebrity crush. Thanks to the Internet we have been able to let his fans get an in depth look inside of the artist based out of Charlotte. Each week we circle back to pick KM’s brain with intriguing questions that we feel most people want to know. KM has been more than willing to open up and let us truly get to know him. Often times battling fatigue from work, collaboration efforts in the studio and just living life he finds time for us. This week we focus on KM’s interpretation of his sense of style and also why he will never give up his hip hop dream

Fashion is defined as a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. Style is defined as a distinctive appearance. If you haven’t got the memo yet KM will not be defined by the culture, he is going to define what culture truly means. Popular, trend and appearance 3 words that KM could truly care less about as he realizes there are bigger fish to fry…

How would you describe your sense of fashion? 

Ever heard of the corporate acronym used in reference to giving speeches “K.I.S.S”? If not it simply means to keep it simple stupid (although some argue it means keep it short) this acronym is fitting for KM’s sense of fashion. Never one to consider himself fashion forward or as a candidate to grace GQ Km choose to keep his apparel appearance minimal. Although his style is pretty laid back it’s forceful, battle-tested lyrics that pint vivid pictures for the fan to relate too. KM isn’t a model and doesn’t aspire to be but what he is true to form and smart in his rationale KM realizes that fashion is and will be a platform. Using his resources he has created a few tee shirts that he wears at his shows so that people can associate his sound with a name. Not only does the shirt clearly display his name it also includes the name of his website as KM states  think I have simple sense when it comes to fashion. I do not focus on what is hot; I just buy what I like. Don’t try to mimic anyone.

Do you feel like fashion plays a big part of a rappers image?

It’s kind of up for debate because there are great artist who wear simple stuff (Big Krit, Lupe, B.O.B and Eminem) and others try to start fashion trends (Fabolous, Kanye, Cam’ron). As we stated earlier at this point KM sense of fashion is strictly for marketing purposes. The shirts he wears display his name and website (Kmusiq.com). When you see and hear Km you know you are getting raw emotion, he isn’t dressing up in the hottest designer tees but neither is the next Joe busting his a** to make ends meet and pay bills. There is more to rap than pure image KM has substance those who have substance would tend to agree and relate to his music.

What rapper out there do you listen too that doesn't get the respect they deserve?

KM is big on respect in the current state of hip hop he feels that everyone is getting the credit they deserve. In an ADD driven culture one element KM realizes is a fad is catchy songs over content. Our generation wants that instant track, the one with a dope hook a beat from a top producer and verses about literally nothing. Anything you can create a dance too or is catchy will definitely stick in today’s age. KM is more focused on providing substance and keeping it real with his fans. The catchy meaningless fad will soon fade.

Have you ever thought about quitting rap? What were your thoughts and how did you bounce back?

 You can’t quit every time the going gets tough. To say I haven’t toggled with the idea of hanging it up and just focusing on my job is a lie. Honestly, quitting the music game has crossed my mind several times, it’s human. It’s natural to wonder what happens if I do something else or hang it up. But my parents didn’t raise me to give in or give up. I have a dream and a mission I will get where I want to be.

--I have only had to bounce back once and that was after Overdue Mixtape. That was VERY early on in my rap career where I truly learned a lot about myself, the game and what to expect on this journey. That project definitely mad me a stronger person and truly opened my eyes. After that project I kind of took a break then refocused. I got out of the funk and back into my musical routine. As KM states consistency and repetition always pays off (#SteadyWork). I have came a long way in Charlotte, with the connections I have built its only a matter of time before I take the next giant leap . . . .Stay Tuned !!