Week 5 Making A Way

 Success isn’t born overnight and neither are hip hop artist that want to be around for a long time. This week we sit down with KM and see what he thinks it will take to “stick” in this rap game. As most hip hop heads are well informed there are more than your fair share of rappers, aspiring rappers and one- hit wonders who enter the game each year.

 Ever wonder what happen to the likes of J-Kwon, Chingy or even Guerilla Black ???!?? These artists all experienced a relatively large piece of success in the music industry.  You may not be able to place a face with a name but rests assure if one of their songs comes on the radio you will instantly know all of the words (well if you’re a TRUE hip-hop fan).

 A lot is to be said about one who can build longevity in a genre when someone 35 and older is considered “old”. When you think about it hip hop is the ONLY genre that doesn’t really have a hall of fame or separate section labeled classic. When rappers get old they’re considered cool or historical they are thought of as wack and not cool anymore. While the likes of Aerosmith, Madonna, Cher and Bono continue and flourish! KM doesn’t wasn’t to just be that one hit wonder you hear years from now on local grocery store commercials or a karaoke joke,. He is making timeless music that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

What do you think makes rappers have longevity in the rap game?

 Longevity is defined as the ability to last for a long time. When you think about artist that have the ability to reinvent themselves and stay relevant some names come to mind. Jay- Z, Eminem and Lil Wayne. Although Lil Wayne has taken a 360 spin since oversized white tee and corn rows days he is now a house hold name. KM believes that are two factors that play into his lengthy level of success; Consistency and Repetition.  He is also big on sports and it would be fitting that is favorite quarterback is Peyton Manning a man that defines repetition and consistency.

 The formula to a long successful career in hip isn’t a simple formula but KM firmly believes that these artist although may change clothes, grow grey hairs or pack on a few pounds haven’t changed what got them to their peak of their careers/ Their hunger for more consistently working on new sounds and the repetition of trusting your craft. Consistency and repetition are keys in having a long successful rap career.

If you could have one shout out or testimonial from a known celeb who would it be and why? 

The first group to ever harmonize yet deliver a melodic thug inspired anthem is Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony. Knowing their history and rise to fame from virtually nothing is something KM can relate too. 

 In this day and age a testimonial or shout-out by someone who is already “ON” is huge. Just look at what happen to Dram after Beyoncé danced to his video on Instagram or what happen to Migoes after Drake hopped on Versace. If someone can vouch for your music or show you love on social media it can be the greatest catalyst in modern day. KM would love if Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony would shout out one of his songs.

How do you find time to record having a full job?


KM is FTE not a FTR. In other words he is a full time employee who must utilize his time management skills. In the words of KM, “If you want to conquer your goals or dreams its takes time, nothing is done overnight”. 

 The more prepared you are for the day the easier it is to get things done. KM sets daily tasks that he seeks to achieve both at work and in regards to his music. Whether it’s writing a hook or finding a new open mic any small step towards getting his music out there outside of his 8-5 to very significant. Time is of the essence and is invaluable factor we can never get back. KM is very focused and driven individual and trues to cut out any activities that take away from his music hustle.  Sure it would be great if he had 24 hours of every day to devote towards his music career but he doesn’t’ he is crunching time to often to get his track heard. But the struggle makes history that much better. He has a regular job and a career he wants to take off on in regards to hip hop. #SteadyWork couldn’t be a more fitting motto for him.

Any shows or new performances coming up?

 KM is headlining R & B Mondays at Hookah Life Charlotte on October 26th, 2015. This will be his first time headlining a strictly hip hop themed venue. Along with his performance he is set to release a new schedule of Open Mic tour dates. Along with these performances underway KM is set to release new track very soon, just wait on it. . . .